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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cloud City Blown Away

Cloud City 210211

Unfortunately the strong seasonal winds Perth has been experiencing over the past few days have destroyed most of the installation known as Cloud City by Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno which was due to be on display at the Perth International Arts Festival from this week.  

Saraceno is said to be devastated after 18 months of preparation for this, and I must say I feel the deepest sympathy for him.  It would not be easy to spend so much time pouring your creative heart and soul into something, only to see it destroyed before it even got off the ground, so to speak.

I am only glad to hear that it has not stopped the PIAF from considering working with him again in the near future, I hope it is soon, this looked like quite an original concept.

For more details, see The Australian.

1 comment:

Sutekh the Destroyer said...

And I'd just put down a deposit for a condo there. FML.

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