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Friday, January 6, 2012

Princely Treasures - Image of the Day

If you are looking for something to do in Perth until the 9th of January I can strongly recommend going to see the Princely Treasures exhibition at the WA Art Gallery.  It contains some amazing pieces of art, costume, sculpture, religious and personal items from the Victoria and Albert Museum's collection from the period 1600-1800.

It's the Baroque and Rococo at their most splendid and you can see everything from Boucher's masterpiece of Madame de Pompadour to exquisite items of jewellery, shoes, and a piece by Peter Paul Rubens.

There are too many items to mention here, but highlights for me included a marble bust of Charles II, some baroque pistols, some absolutely exquisite waistcoats and The Descent from the Cross by Charles LeBrun.  This is only a tine selection of a marvelously curated exhibition, every piece is one of beauty.  Go see it while you can.

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Art Gallery of Western Australia said...

Glad you enjoyed the exhibition. Thanks for visiting us.

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