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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gladys Kuchta...where DID you get that hat?

The career of American soprano Gladys Kuchta probably would have been a lot more sensational had it not been for one thing, Birgit Nilsson.  Blessed with a voice uncannily like that of La Nilsson, Gladys Kuchta also  shared much of the same repertoire, notably the Wagner heroines, Aida, Elektra and as here, Turandot.  As a result she was overshadowed by her more famous rival.

Listen to the audio below of In Questa Reggia and you will hear what I mean.  There are also some very good biographical details in there to give you a little more information on this greatly underrated singer.

Fortunately there a quite a few live recordings still available and highlights from a filmed version of R.Strauss' Elektra with Regina Resnick uploaded to youtube (which unfortunately I am no longer able to find).  Check them out if you can.

Happy birthday Gladys Kuchta, I need that hat.


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