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Monday, April 25, 2016

New Work - Wagnerian Freya

These days it's rare for me to have the time to be able to finish off a personal project or part of one even.  This weekend I needed some serious time out and decided the time was right to complete an image I've had in mind for part of my Nibelungenlied Project for ages now.  It's a character sketch for the Goddess Freya, from Wagner's Das Rheingold.  She of the Golden Apples of Youth.

The base image was taken a few years ago, thanks to my friend Alyssa for being the muse and model for this one.  You can view the rest of the project at this link here.  Have a great week ahead.

#Opera #Wagner #DerRingDesNibelungen #NorseMythology #Freya #Goddess #GoldenApple

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